Monday, November 24, 2008

4 More Weeks to Go!

We officially are in week 36! 4 weeks left to go and Andy and I couldn't be more estatic. I'm getting bigger by the day. I can not wait to meet little Carter. He's been quite the happy baby in my tummy, so I am sure he's going to be a wonderful delight when we finally get to meet him. I spent the majority of my weekend finishing the laundry for Carter and getting everything ready. Our room in complete and ready to go. Carter's hospital bag is packed. I also packed my bag and threw in some items for Andy so he's not smelly by the end of the visit! We are installing the carseat in the hospital car this weekend and making sure our bags and Andy's sleeping supplies are all packed away in the trunk! Andy has a few more weeks of work ahead of him. My sister, Kristine, is planning on staying with me the week of the 17th incase I go into labor. My biggest fear is that I am going to go into labor when Andy is off at work and NO ONE will answer their phone! Thank goodness for sisters because she's willing to spend 3 nights with me. Let's hope Carter stays in though, because I'd hate for Andy to be gone at work when he arrives.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Shower for Carter

This past weekend I also had my baby shower for Carter! I couldn't believe all the people that came! I felt extremely loved. Special thanks goes to Victoria, my sister, my mom and Amy for putting the shower together. It was perfect and I had a great time. I made out like a bandit for Carter and because of all my wonderful friends and family, we have almost everything we need for the little guy! Susan, Andy's mom, also threw us a surprise baby shower in Indiana. All of Susan's family and friends got together and made us a scrapbook with gift cards on each page. She did this because there were a lot of family members on Andy's side that weren't going to be able to come out to Seattle! It was a great surprise and made Andy and I both cry. It's a great gift in itself as it's something we'll be able to keep forever. I also loved my diaper cake from Heather! She made it herself....I've always wanted one of those!
Andy's mom made this quilt and diaper bag for Carter! She's quite the crafty person. Overall, besides all the room decorations, she's made 4 quilts, a bag and a bunch of burp clothes (which I thought were diapers...ooops!)
This cute present was from Candy and Mona Lisa. I couldn't believe all the effort that was put into the wrapping job!!!

Carter's Room

Well, We have the majority of Carter's room finished. Below are some pictures Andy took of the room. Andy's mom was out all weekend helping set everything up. All of the artwork you see in the room was handmade by Andy's mom and dad. We sure are lucky to have them!!! Carter is going to be one spoiled grandchild with the two sets of grandparents he has!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Very Sad Day

Today, my family has left for beautiful Mexico and has left my husband and I behind....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Week 33

We are officially 33 weeks pregnant this week! Only 7 more weeks to go and counting. I can not wait until Carter arrives. I'm starting to get ansty and sore. We are praying that he stays in for another 5 weeks because that's when I'll be done with my MBA. So far, all the signs look good and he's growing perfectly according to our doctor. Nothing new on our end. I just got back from a trip to California for my Uncle Jim's 70th birthday party. It was great to see family and spend time with them! I think that is the last plane ride I will be taking though until after Carter arrives. We are almost done with the baby room. Andy's mom is coming up next week and she's bringing artwork her and Andy's dad made for us! I can't wait to get that and put it in the baby room because once that's done we'll finally have the baby room finished except for the curtains! that will be a huge relief. We hope everyone is doing well and we miss you all. Love, Karen and Andy and baby Carter