Monday, May 2, 2011

Tulip Festival

Andy, Carter, Mommy-mo and I, headed out to the Tulip Festival Sunday. It was gorgeous outside and a great day to get out and enjoy the sunshine. We hopped in the car and started our trek up to Mt. Vernon. Since it was sunny out, we hung a burp rag in the window for Carter so he could keep the "bright" out of his eyes. About half way on our journey, my husband, who considers himself an intelligent man (I sometimes beg to differ and this is one of those times), decides he's going to roll down the window because Carter wants his burp rag out of the window so he can see better. Apparently not understanding how most objects fly out of a car window, not in, when the car is in motion, Andy proceeded to roll down the window and allow Carter's rag to fly right out into uncoming traffic. You would think we would have been worried about the rag landing on someone's window shield while driving 70 mph hour, but nope, this mom was worried about the tramatic effect this moment had on my kid (after I lectured my husband and then laughed that five minutes later my kid still looked like the picture below). Lucky he believed me when I told him his rag flew home and we would get it when we returned.
Here he is on the way home, definitely happier than on the way up. Lucky for us, the rag was forgotten and I didn't have to make up a story why it never made it home.