Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Summer Summertime...

Well, alot has happened since our last post. Carter's first birthday, Christmas, Easter, trips to Indiana, and just our normal daily routines. I'm going to try and make an effort to post more but we have also been very bad at taking pictures...I'll put that on my husband's list of chores. :)

Carter has started daycare and for the most part he loves going. He loves his teachers, the kids and all the daily activies. It's amazing to us how much he has learned since he started at the Goddard School.

Some of Carter's favorite things: Water, specifically playing in it
Thomas the Train
Wow Wow Wubbzy - it keeps him occupied when mommy needs to concentrate on work
The dogs
Playing outside

Carter has also started talking more, which is nice because we are starting to understand his needs a little more. Some of his favorite words: Banana, Dog, Kitty, Bubble, Cookie, Mommy, Daddy, Fish, More, Please, Yes, No, Oh-No, J.J., Auntie, Nonna, Hello, Bye-Bye, Nigh Nigh, Wow Wow Wuzz, Choo Choo Train, Tractor, Bath, Wa (Water), OK, Tucker, Dakota, Applesauce (hard to understand), Elmo, Bunny and others that I don't have on the top of my brain at the moment.

Below are some pictures of Carter enjoying the summer sun!