Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Picture Posts

Okay, I am posting this blog to make a commitment to myself to post some pregnancy pictures my friend's sister (Ferrel Photography) took for me around week 21/22. I keep telling myself that I will take the time to do it, but of course, I have been lazy. When I get home this evening, I will post some. Here are a few just as teasers that I have with me at the office.... Hope everyone is doing well, I officially look pregnant and have strangers asking me when I'm due. Also, this saturday marks the beginning of the third trimester for our little boy, Carter! We can't wait until he arrives!!! Also, check out the landing page to a new company Washington Wine and Beverage Company and myself have begun forming. Should be pretty fun and interesting once we get things up and running. The website is http://www.girlygirlwines.com/.