Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Stats....

Mr. Carter Andrew had his 4 month big boy check up last night! These are his new stats: Height: 25 inches (51%) Head Circumference: 42.4cm (50%) Weight: 15lbs 6.7oz (58%) I thought for sure he'd be over 16lbs, but I was wrong...my back sure thinks he weighs 40! New Milestones: Grabs toys with both hands Sits with help (better head control) Rocking back and forth (hasn't rolled over yet...might be our fault due to lack of tummy time) Laughs (full on belly chuckle...it's precious) Blows bubbles Looks when you call his name Definitely knows who mom and dad are Sleeps in his own crib like a big boy Wakes up only once a night Loves watching TV with Nonna (Plaso Sesimo is his favorite, he'll be speaking spanish before english if Nonna has her way with him) I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately, but I'll catch up on it this weekend and post some of our little guy.

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  1. Yes of course we want pics Karen :-) Sounds like Carter is doing perfect! Can't wait to see him again!